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Coherent support for gas lasers

I received a PDF letter from Coherent Europe following a recent (25th March 2009) posting on the Purdue emailing list, "Solid State Laser upgrade for BD  FACS DiVa", concerning Coherent's support for there gas laser systems. Coherent stress that they WILL support all there current systems, but will discontinue support of there 18 year old Enterprise line in 2010 as parts for these systems are becoming difficult to source! This letter clarifies their position. If you have any concerns please contact Coherent directly.

Please find below the PDF of the letter!


Letter from Coherent Europe

European Cytometry Network is up and running!

European Cytometry Network - Flow Cytometry Core Facility Website The inaugural meeting of the European Cytometry Network (ECN) took place in EMBL-Heidelberg on the 28-29 February 2008. Following discussions held at that meeting, the basic ECN key aims were outlined. We introduced the idea of a Web2.0 networking platform as the infrastructure to enhance communication, education,  scientific exchange and collaboration among European Cytometrists. Encouraged by the overal support for this idea, the first drafts of the platform were soon implemented. A year has past and the ECN is up and running as a networking platform to connect cytometrists all over Europe and beyond.

European Cytometry Network - Flow Cytometry Core Facility Website

Figure 1. The European Cytometry Network membership by countries. Absolute numbers and country distribution of participants at the inaugural meeting is shown in A. Relative frequency of registered members at (30-01-2009) shown in B. Also in B, '*' signifies the National Societies represented in the ECN.


2008 European Cellular Imaging Tour

Looking to optimize your imaging capabilities? Invitrogen™ Molecular Probes® has teamed up with Applied Precision® Inc., to showcase the latest tools and techniques in fluorescence imaging.

This is a great opportunity for you to see live demonstrations and learn about new applications in imaging.

The Scientists from Molecular Probes® will be conducting a series of educational symposia and demonstration workshops at the Invitrogen™ Heidelberg facility from February 26th – 28th. We invite you to attend these events where you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about some of the newest tools for fluorescence imaging.
    • Organelle Lights™, the ultimate fixable organelle labels.
    • Revolutionary Click-iT™ EdU for imaging Cell Proliferation.
    • Organelle stains of every variety to color your world.
    • How to protect your signal with Antifade reagents.
    • Enhance your images with the superior Alexa Fluor® Dyes.
  • See some of these products in action at the Invitrogen™ Heidelberg Laboratory
  • Test-drive the best Live Cell imaging microscope system currently available – The
  • DeltaVision®. 

Additional information regarding this event could be found in the registration page.

More informations regarding the ClickIt Technology you will find here!.

European Cytometry Network Meeting report

European countries represented in our first meetingA report on the the First European Cytometry Network Meeting (28-29th February 2008) is now available for your perusal.

The report covers findings from a survey on European cytometrists that provides useful information on the current state of our community. This information is particularly useful to us in defining the right platform for the backbone of the network. However, we are still open to feed back at this critical time and, again we ask, for your input. You can also contribute with ideas to this Network by filling the survey pdf accesible here.

When complete, please send it to the following address:

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

EMBL Meyerhofstr. 1,
Heidelberg D-69117

1st European Cytometry Network Meeting

Network - Flow Cytometry Core Facility Website

The aim of the meeting is to create a network of European Cytometrists. The network will establish cooperation, education and promotion of cytometric techniques to its membership and scientists. Discussions will include the formation of an “EAMNET” like structure aimed principally at flow cytometric technologies. Currently there are no central resources available for cytometrists in Europe where information can be exchanged. The network will be a source of resource for the membership, aiding and supporting the societies and groups in their endeavours.


Communication between the varied cytometric disciplines and organisation in Europe is not at all what it should be. The speakers are selected from a range of disciplines and topics, to talk about their areas of interest and the challenges they face. Discussions of direction and remit of the network will also be discussed, ending with the formation of such a network.

We cordially invite all interested parties to attend a symposium at EMBL Heidelberg on the 28-29 of February 2008.

Further details and registration at the European Cytometry Network meeting webpage.